General introduction

VGS Group
Connecting Golfers.

Founded with the mission to build and organize perfect services to make golf more interesting and, above all, to improve Vietnam's golf scene by providing the best golf courses with top-notch service and scenery to golf lovers all over the world.

We aim to perfect our services, take the initiative in technology and enhance customers' experiences through:

+ The national handicap system aids in the impartiality of amateur tournaments.

+ High-quality live broadcasting systems to help convey top tournaments to fans.

+ Technologies to organize world-class tournaments.

+ Top services and golf tour packages.

Operating in many fields of the golf industry, we are proud to be a major partner of leading brands in the world as well as in our country. Contact us if you want to collaborate and grow together!


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Products and services

Provide a national handicap system - vHandicap

The VGS Group is in charge of developing the national handicap system (vHandicap), based on the World Handicap System (WHS) - approved by the USGA and R&A. vHandicap has outstanding features...

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Live broadcasting of international standard golf tournaments

Possessing modern television technology, experienced broadcasting and technical team. VGS Group is proud to be the only unit in Vietnam able to produce live TV signals throughout 18 holes of golf.

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Online multi-platform TV channel and the website

The VGS Group is a golf communications unit, including online magazine, online TV channel GolfNewsTV, and Youtube channel

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Organize golf tournaments and events

VGS Group has the copyrights to two of the most prestigious and largest Vietnam golf tournaments: the National Amateur Golf Championship (Vietnam Amateur Series) and the Vietnam Professional Golf Tournament (VGA Tour). In addition, VGS Group...

Arrange International and Domestic Golf Tours

VGS Group is a pioneer in building a complete - automated ecosystem for golf tourism services, at the same time creating and operating the first five-star standard domestic and international golf tours in Vietnam.....

Hole in one award service and online shopping

With the HIO award service, VGS Group aims to create fun, excitement, and value for golfers. We give players great fulfillment and an amazing experience every time they score HIO. Integrated into the vHandicap application,...

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